February 2024

Junior Suites Welcome the First Guests

We are excited to share the exciting news of the grand opening of our latest addition to the opulent accommodations at Amathus Beach Hotel: the Junior Suite Ground Floor with a Private Pool & Garden. Situated within the verdant embrace of our newly constructed Residence building, this exclusive haven is now ready to extend its warm welcome to its inaugural guests, promising an unmatched blend of privacy, luxury, and tranquility.

The Junior Suite sets a new benchmark for lavishness, boasting its very own secluded pool and a generously appointed terrace adorned with plush seating and sunbeds, offering the epitome of relaxation beneath the radiant Cypriot sky. Crafted to offer an unrivaled sanctuary of luxury and peace, whether you seek solace in your private garden, luxuriate in a refreshing swim, or simply bask in the mesmerizing vistas of the sea, our Junior Suite promises an idyllic backdrop for an unforgettable escape.

Embark on a journey into indulgence at Amathus Beach Hotel and seize the opportunity to be among the inaugural guests to revel in the splendor of our exquisite new Junior Suite. Meticulously conceived to harmonize contemporary sophistication with the timeless allure of Cyprus’s coastline, every facet of this peerless guest experience has been meticulously curated, ensuring that your sojourn with us is nothing short of extraordinary.